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  Top Manufacturers Sign Up for CAMBUILD’17 Expo
  CAMBUILD’17 – Cambodia’s Biggest International Building, Construction and M&E Industry Show has welcomed a mixture of new local and international exhibitors from around the region to the fold. The following companies have joined the growing list exhibitors of CAMBUILD’17:



Lim Hiepkheang Co., Ltd is a leading construction supplier in Cambodia. They are an expert in sanitary ware, having served for years in the field of distribution of these products. The products meet international specifications and some of the top brands supplied include Claytan, JOVEN, Hang, and Bathic.


PEX Pipes


PEX Pipes is based in Cambodia and specialises in European plumbing pipes. PEX technology has existed for 50 years in Europe and has replaced PVC and Copper since then. This technology is very easy to install (no glue, no electricity). Because the pipes can stand pressure up to 10 bar and temperatures up to 90°C, this signifies that the pipes are of very reliable technology.




REDDOOR Co., Ltd. is to a niche group in Asia specialising in customised doors to improve the quality and safety of residences. They also provide Art Glassworks, designs and create custom and unique art for residential and commercial properties and religious venues and so on. Their products include Carbon Fiber Door Series, Pressing Door Series and Glass & Molding Door Series. Doors with structural steel and carbon fibre composite boards prevent damage of external forces, boosting a home's safety.




UPG Pipe Co., Ltd. Is a specialised manufacturer of premium uPVC pipes/fittings under ISO 9001:2015, with factory in Phnom Penh. The company aims to grow into one of the largest factories equipped with proficient technical personnel, the latest manufacturing facility and comprehensive in-house testing laboratory of high-tech equipment to ensure high grade, performance standard and longevity of pipes. Their flagship product, Eagle brand of uPVC pipe, electrical conduit pipes and fittings are used in all applications for construction, plumbing, drainage system, irrigation, agriculture farm, electrical and telecommunication sectors.




Fepro Fire is a China-based manufacturer and supplier of wildland and forest firefighting equipment, and personal protective equipment, since 1997. With its manufacturing based in China, Fepro Fire has technical alliances and support from international partners such as: Mercedes Textiles (Canada), Phos-Chek (USA) and Alkin Compressors.

Fepro Fire’s products are categorised into:

1. Portable firefighting equipment
2. ATV, UTV and truck mounted firefighting equipment
3. Firefighting chemicals and equipment
4. Personal protective equipment.


Wiskcon and Krumps Co., Ltd


Wiskcon and Krumos Co.Ltd., established in Thailand specialising in business in ready mixed plant, batching plant program, small ERP/Enterprise System in ready mixed business. The company is also in a joint venture with Vertex Group in punk and pie system, precast system and special precast concrete.


Let your business grow and reap the desired benefits at CAMBUILD’17. Come join over 450 exhibiting companies from 32 countries and 9,000 trade visitors including power producers, energy consultants, architects, building consultants, M&E engineers, installers, real estate developers, city councils, government departments, manufacturers and building owners.

For those who are interested to take your business to the next level, book your booth by contacting Mr Richard Yew or Mr. Veasna at richard@ambtarsus.com / veasna@ambtarsus.com or Tel: +60178733786.

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